Why 数学,科学 & 工程?

Are you an analytical thinker? Are you curious, a puzzle solver or an innovator? Do you like to build things from the smallest particles to the largest structures? A career in the 学院的 数学,科学 & 工程 may be for you! Studies in physical and life sciences, math and engineering can lead to careers in the 字段 of biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, nutrition, physics and more. 这所学校 of 数学,科学 & 工程 helps students understand the universe we live in and develop the skills necessary to make the world a better place to live and work.

By becoming an Ag student at 永利总站手机版, you can 探索 the limitless opportunities available for your career. Students can choose from a variety of AAS and certificate programs. 职业生涯s in agriculture are vast and provide many opportunities in a wide range of 字段. Do you want to design agricultural machinery components and equipment, sketch and propose new sites and systems, scout 字段 and recommend herbicides, or meet with customers or businesses?


Explore the history of astronomy, the solar system, galaxies, cosmology and current 主题. Participate in several night observation sessions as well.


From plants, soils and insects, to the structure and function of the human body, biology courses at 永利总站手机版 can assist in furthering your career and educational pursuits.


化学 at 永利总站手机版 is a robust program that includes all the necessary courses to prepare students for a career in the health sciences, to transfer to a four-year college for an engineering or science degree, and provides laboratory science classes for students that wish to complete their associate degree.


学习 from engineering professionals who will provide you with practical knowledge and hands-on training. 学习ing basic engineering principles, combined with drafting, design and surveying skills, provides you with the foundation you need to pursue 工程 and 工程 Technology.


Study the interrelationships of soil, air and water as they are affected by human 活动.


学习 the science behind exercise and how it relates to fitness. 工作 toward becoming a personal trainer or transfer to a four-year institution.


Study the earth's physical structure and substance, its history and the processes 对它起作用.


Through all levels of math courses, gain what you need to successfully transfer or meet your workforce program requirements.


Study the concept of food and nutrition for maintenance of a healthy life.


Build a foundation for careers in engineering, health and physical sciences.


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